Our guided tours around the Ebro Delta and Terres de l’Ebre are the best way to discover the hidden delights this landscape has to offer.

Ebro Delta

Measuring 320 km2, the Ebro Delta is the most important wet area in Catalonia. Sea, river, bays, beaches, dunes, river islands, woods along the shoreline, lagoons, salt pans, rice fields… Wherever you look, the rich biodiversity will leave you open-mouthed in wonder.

Flora and fauna fill this magical landscape with life, creating a bizarre contrast between its rich biodiversity and human life. That is why, in 1983, after a petition by Delta’s inhabitants, the Generalitat de Catalunya turned the area into the Ebro Delta Nature Park, with the aim of making it possible for the local population and natural heritage to co-exist.

Terres de l’Ebre

In 2013, Terres de l’Ebre, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, became one of the top 100 sustainable destinations in the world. And not for nothing, this area contains two of the world’s unique natural treasures: the Ebro Delta (with the Ebro Delta Nature Park) and the Massís dels Ports (with the Ports Nature Park). Nature, cuisine, culture and traditions, the character of its people… all perfectly complement each other to paint a very special landscape.

  • Sea, river and mountain
  • Cuisine
  • Wine tourism
  • Festivals and traditions
  • Cultural heritage
  • Outdoor activities
  • Countryside
  • Birdwatching

Our guided tours around the Ebro Delta and Terres de l’Ebre

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